Language studies, 2007.

This website is dedicated to language and form studies that I exercised during my master thesis year at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
In this thesis I articulate a theory of how language as a communication system can affect designing process, and become a tool for generating new ideas. First I argue the existence of two realities, one of the World of Objects, and another one, concerning Logic of Language. Then I argue differences between the two. In doing so, I analyze and make an overview on history of linguistics and language
philosophy. I derive interesting thoughts from these sciences and apply them to the designed objects. This means I inevitably tap into the other fields of expertise. From this perspective I argue for a design approach that, not only gathers several different fields of knowledge, but also uses them as a creative tool for the designing process. The final outcome is an open source on-line dictionary, which on the basis of language provides user with better understanding of the discrepancies in Language and Object Realm.
I have tried to compare the world of words with the world of objects. Through a concise translation of philosophical texts into the language of cups and saucers and their relationships, a series of cups develops new insights. The website disentangles theory and design.