This Baby Doll Will Be a Junkie
Visual identity in collaboration with Yvonne Van Versendaal, 2009., Zagreb and Vienna

TBDWBAJ, a project by dutch artist Ulrike Möntmann, is an audiovisual portrait of women drug addicts living in Europe. The artwork consists of several series of identical dolls that narrate decisive events in the life of a drug addict. Each series represents a single biography.
The dolls are porcelain casts of dolls used traditionally as toys, with movable arms and legs. Printed on each doll?s face is a portrait photo of an addict, so that the facial expression of the baby doll merges into that of an adult.
When the doll is picked up, it relates a significant event in the addict?s life, through a built-in speaker. The sound is transmitted through a perforated text on the doll?s back, which gives the addict?s name and date of birth, and in some cases the date of her death.
The series will be installed in the public space, in places frequented by addicts, and then abandoned to the public without any form of control.
The visual identity of the project corresponds to specific characteristics of the country in which it is created. The Croatian part of the project is a result of the cooperation with B.a.B.e. (Association for promotion of human rights and gender equality), that insisted on a shocking image understandable to Croatian public. The Austrian part of the project uses sentences from biographies as the basic element of visual representation. Described identities become reflections/image of a specific society. The explicit expression intended for the Croatian audience stands in a direct opposition to subtle Austrian typographic outcome that reflects a petty bourgeois wish to keep the problem away from the public arena.